POA - WESTERN VISAYAS CHAPTER The Philippine Orthopaedic Association - Western Visayas Chapter was organized primarily to answer to the needs of the growing number of orthopaedic surgeons in the region. This too is the fulfillment of the long dream to formally organize this very cohesive group of orthopaedic surgeons who share the same vision in uplifting the practice of Orthopaedics in the region. Due recognition was given in 2001 during the incumbency of Dr. Lauro Abrahan as President of the Philippine Orthopaedic Association. Dr. Jose Maria Coruña accepted the challenge to stir the association in taking the first steps towards reaching the goals of the association as the chapter President. Dr. Coruña's term further strengthened the regular scientific meetings which started loosely as monthly joint conference among the three training centers in the region with regular guest lecturers from Manila. The torch of leadership was passed on to Dr. Manuel de Asis who served as the second President. At this time, the chapter at a very tender age, accepted the challenge to host the 2003 mid-year convention in Bacolod just in time with the incumbency of Dr. Anthony Kho who was elected as the third President of the chapter. The 2003 convention will always be remembered for the fun, the food and the hospitality of the Bacolenos. It was too during the term of Dr. Kho when the constitution of the chapter was duly ratified. Dr. Marcelo N. Jaen assumed as trhe fourth President with the hope to strenghen the research program of the three training centers with a research forum and through the all out support of the chapter.

President – Dr. Ronnie B. Payba
Vice President – Dr. Franklin Delano Tumaneng
Secretary – Dr. Lucille D. Gonzaga
Treasurer – Dr. Manuel B. de Asis
Members – 26 fellows 7 non fellows
Induction –Jan 31, Westown Hotel, Iloilo


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