POA-SOUTH MINDANAO CHAPTERIn 1992, the Philippine Orthopedic Association Mindanao Chapter was formally organized by a group of orthopedic surgeons mostly coming from the cities of Davao and Cagayan de Oro. It was indeed historical for the region. Dr Espiridion Reyes from Davao City was named as its founding president and sat for a year. Because of the continued support and dedication of its members, the organization prospered. Dr. Randy Te became the second president and was later succeeded by Dr. Mario Didelis. Chronologically, the subsequent presidents of the chapter were Drs. Manuel Sison, Samson Peli, Gerardo Agustin, Edgardo Guevarra, Renan Abellera, Noel Gloria and Anthony Angala.

In 2003, due to the increase in the number of its members and the vastness of the region, an agreement was set to formally divide the chapter into North and South. The original POA Mindanao was renamed as the Philippine Orthopedic Association South Mindanao Chapter based in Davao City. Dr Hilario Diaz became its first resident. In line with this landmark event, the POA North Mindanao based in Cagayan De Oro City was created and headed by Dr Manuel Sison.

The orthopedic surgeons from Mindanao had its share of hosting very successful national midyear conventions. In 1994, Davao City was a big hit. The tuna capital of the Philippines, General Santos City followed suit in 1997. Cag ayan de Oro City in 2001 had its laurels and hosted one of the most organized conventions held outside of Metro Manila.

In last year's Annual convention, the POA South Mindanao won the bid to host the 2005 National Midyear Convention. Once again, Davao City has been placed in the forefront and has taken the challenge. Through the tireless efforts and enthusiasm of Dr Hilario Diaz and the Dr Gilbert Cauilan, the overall organizing chairman, next year's convention will most probably be a memorable and fruitful one. Although preparations have been made for the said event, the POA South Mindanao has not relegated its responsibility to its members and the community. Activities such as scientific meetings, workshops, postgraduate courses, and socio-civic actions are being continually done.

Certainly, the organization has come a long way. Despite the odds, the POA South Mindanao will continue to prosper. The dedication of its members in pursuit of excellence and service to the chapter and the community as a whole will not falter. Indeed, POA South Mindanao is committed.

President - Dr. Noel Rex P. Peñaranda
Vice President - Dr. Fideles Marie Amparo
Secretary - Dr. Allen Llanos
Treasurer - Dr. Siedfried Rabang
Auditor - Dr. Anthony B. Pascua
Induction - March 6, Marco Polo, Davao


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