Outstanding Residents Award

September/06/2009 08:30


The PBO-Novartis Recognition of Excellence

By Leo Daniel D. Caro, MD, FPOA 
PBO Secretary; Chairman, Awards Committee

“Exemplary performance, dedication, innovative medical research and hard work should always be given due recognition.”

For the last 12 years, the Philippine Board of Orthopaedics in partnership with Novartis Healthcare Philippines Inc. has been recognizing orthopaedic residents who have shown dedication, consistency in performance and sheer hard work in pursuit of their goal to become full-pledged orthopaedic surgeons.

Objectives of the Award
The intent of the Award is three-fold:
  • To recognize the outstanding performance and achievements of orthopaedic residents.
  • To encourage residents to take part in research projects that will have practical application and potential for international presentation.
  • To motivate residents to actively contribute to the advancement of orthopaedics.

Nominating Residents
Accredited training institutions with less than 10 trainees are allowed to nominate a maximum of four (4) candidates for the award. Those with more than 10 may have an additional nominee for every 10 more trainees they have. Nominees must fulfill the following requirements:
  • Must have taken the latest Orthopaedic In Training Examination
  • Submission of a Curriculum Vitae (a standard format is provided)
  • Completed a research paper (published or otherwise) with the candidate as one of the main authors, duly authenticated by the training program's Chairman
  • Official nomination letter from the Chairman, duly endorsed by the medical director or chief of hospital
  • Must present himself for interview

Criteria for Judging
The Board, acting as the juror for this Award, will decide based on the following criteria:
  • Ranking in the Orthopaedic In Training Exam of nominees' year level (must be in top 10%)
  • Overall performance and moral character as endorsed by the Chairman or Training Officer of the institution
  • Quality of research paper (not older than 2 years at the time of submission, previously not submitted for the same purpose to the Board)
  • Results of personal interview by the panel of judges

Awarding of Outstanding Residents

Successful candidates chosen for the award will be recognized during the PBO Night held in concurrence with the POA Annual Meeting. Awardees will receive a citation from the PBO and a cash prize courtesy of Novartis. Moreover, the awardees will also be announced in major national newspapers.

Many of the past awardees have been doing well in their 
respective orthopaedic practices. Furthermore, many of them now hold key positions in their respective institutions.
The PBO is proud to be a part of their success!

Nominees for 2009

  • Dr. Carl Ryan Marino D. Taguba, 4th year, EAMC
  • Dr. Jereme B. Atupan, 4th year, UP-PGH
  • Dr. Carlo Angelo V. Borbon, 4th year, MMC
  • Dr. Raymond Alvin J. Kokseng, 4th year, SLMC
  • Dr. Mark Gabriel C. Q. Barreiro, 3rd year, DLSUMC
  • Dr. Rosario P. Sta. Ana, 3rd year, MMC
  • Dr. Henry Gerard M. Calleja, 3rd year, SLMC
  • Dr. Juan Carlos S. Paredes, 3rd year, SLMC
  • Dr. Rey-An Nino Garcia, 2nd year, DLSUMC
  • Dr. John Hubert C. Pua, 2nd year, USTH
  • Dr. Alfred D. Villarico, 2nd year, SLMC
  • Dr. Frederick C. Aujero, 1st year, USTH
  • Dr. A. E. Gamboa, 1st year, SLMC


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