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The Philippine Orthopaedic Trauma Society (POTS), the newest orthopedic subspecialty to come to the fore, was formally organized last December 2002 at the 52nd Annual Congress of the Philippine Orthopaedic Association. It started out with sixteen (16) founding members, from which nine were elected to the Board of Trustees. Four officers were also selected, namely:

President Lauro M. Abrahan, Jr., MD

Vice-President Ellewellyn G. Pasion, MD

Secretary Jaime L. Tamayo, MD

Treasurer Reynaldo E. Ang, MD

Dr. Edwin Jerd T. Siatan
Dr. Joseph L. Lai
Vice - President
Dr. Manolito M. Flavier
Dr. Ernesto C. Tenorio
Dr. Ma Adelwisa G. Belen