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The constituents of the POA Western Visayas (POA WV) Chapter was formerly part of the aggregated POA Visayas Chapter back in 1984.  It was organized to promote camaraderie among the orthopaedic surgeons in the region, foster academic interactions, and outreach programs.  As the number of practicing orthopods increased in the western part of the Visayan Islands; namely Panay & Negros Occidental, the POA WV was established and formally recognized as the fifth chapter by the mother organization on March 27, 2001 under Dr. Lauro Abrahan. The chapter was organized to answer to the needs of orthopaedic surgeons in the region and the fulfillment of the long dream to prim this very cohesive group who share the same vision in uplifting the practice of Orthopaedics.  It was also through Dr. Marcelo Jaen, then representative member of the POA Board of Trustees, that the WV cluster eventually became a fundamental chapter. 


Dr. Daryl M. Apla-On
Dr. Douglas P. Panerio
Vice - President
Secretary Dr. Shaun E. Borres
Dr. Arlan H. Troncillo
Dr. Lucille P. Detoyato
Ex – Officio