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The early 1990's saw the need for the Philippine Orthopaedic Association, Inc. (POA) to establish regional chapters, This came about after POA fellows and diplomates who have finished their accredited residency training prognuns mostly in Metro Manila, and those who came back from sub-specialty fellowships from centers abroad. started to return to the country and practice in urban centers and provinces outside of Metro Manila. The Philippine Orthopaedic Association-South Luzon Chapter (POA- SLC) was one of the earliest regional chapters of the POA. Ten orthopaedic practitioners in the Southern Luzon and Bicol areas, met among themselves, and organized in 1991 what is now known as the POA-SLC.


Dr. Albert Cesar S. Faller, Jr.
Dr. Joaquin C. Pandanan
Vice - President
Dr. Lendell John Z. Gatchalian
Dr. Anthony M. Toquilar
Dr. Ramon J. Anatalio III
Dr. Abundio C. Celera Jr.
Ex – Officio