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In the late eighties, many orthopedic surgeons of the Philippines got to see each other only during Philippine Orthopaedic Association's (POA) midyear meetings and annual conventions. Those who knew each other got to talk about their practice during lulls in these affairs. Some of those practicing in the North Luzon area bunched together for fellowship and even consultation. The idea of grouping together as a chapter of the POA materialized during the 1991 midyear convention, strongly supported by Drs. Allan J. Sanchez and Senen L. Garcia (Cabanatuan City), Rudy Q. Vigilia (Tarlac City), Glorifino M. Juan and Reynaldo F. Cariaga (Baguio City), Raul F. Sabado (Dagupan City), Catalino A. Calimbas (Bataan), Jose P. Tranquilino, Jr. (Angeles City), Roberto M. Amansec, Pedro G. Papio and Ferdinand E. De Mesa (Pampanga).


Dr. Alvin A. Amador
Dr. Emelito V. Ritumalta
Vice - President
Dr. Victor Felix S. Gaddi
Dr. Arcadio Jonathan N. De Castro
Dr. Anthony C. Abogado
Dr. Jose Manuel Vicente C. Bello, Jr.