POA - CENTRAL EASTERN VISAYAS CHAPTERIn 1984, both young and old Orthopaedic practitioners in Cebu gathered together in what was the first meeting of the oldest chapter of the Philippine Orthopaedic Association, the Visayas Chapter. While the POA Constitution and Charter did not recognize Chapters yet at that time, the Cebu Orthopaedic Association was organized through the efforts of such personalities as Dr. Merito Yuviengco, Dr. Alejandro Mediano, Dr. Jose Flordelis and Dr. Fidencio Panares to name a few. The main thrust of the Association was to promote camaraderie among the Orthopaedic Surgeons in Cebu through regular meetings to encourage exchange of ideas and to organize outreach activities. Monthly meetings were being held in different venues which included the houses of the members. Such activities not only brought the members closer to each other but also to their families. It was during this time that the first Journal Club and Mortality and Morbidity Conferences were being held. Even with the passing away of one of its pioneers, Dr. Merito Yuviengco, the organization continued to exist and grow in number. As more and more Orthopaedic Surgeons returned and relocated to Cebu , the activities of the organization continued on. It was only in the late 80's that the POA Constitution provided for the recognition of Chapters that the POA Visayas Chapter was formally recognized. Since then, the Chapter has been reorganized from the Visayas Chapter to the Central Visayas Chapter then finally to the Cebu and Eastern Visayas Chapter as it is known today. The Chapter has had four Presidents since its recognition by the POA namely Dr. Jose Flordelis, Dr. Fidencio Panares, Dr. Danilo Olegario and Dr. Pablo Ilano, III who is now serving his second term. The Chapter has played host to two Mid Year Conventions of the Philippine Orthopaedic Association. Under the present leadership, the POA CEV Chapter has put its efforts on continuing the tradition which the pioneers of the Chapter have established. Quarterly Meetings are being held consisting in Journal Clubs, Consultants' Lectures and Interactive Case Sessions to further enhance the knowledge and skills of the members. The thrust of the present set of officers is to encourage a more active involvement of the Orthopaedic Surgeons based in the Eastern Visayas Islands in the Chapter activities. With the active involvement of the living pioneers of the COA and the enthusiasm of the present officers and members, the POA CEV Chapter shall continue to be an organization of excellence and professionalism in the POA and in society.

President – Dr. Richard V. Condor
Vice President – Dr. Judith Valerie Akol
Secretary – Dr. Pablo Ilano III
Treasurer – Dr. Mario Chan
PRO - Dr. Fidencio Pañares
Members – 32 fellows


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