Calendar of Events 2015

2015 Calendar of Activities/Annual Inspection

Notice: Some dates and other details subject to change without prior notice. Please check back regularly.


Jan 24           Workshop on Test Construction/PBO 1st Board Meeting

Feb 28           Accreditation Visit of USTH and JRMMC/PBO 2nd Board Meeting @ JRMMC

Mar 21           Accreditation Visit of CLMMRH, WVMC & WVSUMC/PBO 3rd Board Meeting

Apr 18-19      Accreditation visit of BGHMC & ITRMC/PBO 4th Board Meeting

Apr29-May 2 POA Midyear Convention

Apr 30            PBO Meeting w/ Chairs and Training Officers

May 16-17      Accreditation Visit of SPMC & NMMC

Jun 6-7           Accreditation Visit of CHH & VSMMC

Jun 20            Accreditation Visit of EAMC, AFPMC & VMMC/5th PBO Board Meeting

Jul 18             In –Training Examination @ Unilab Bayanihan Center/In-Training Examination @ Chong Hua Hospital (Cebu City)

Jul 25             PBO 6th Board Meeting

Aug 08           Accreditation Visit of SLMC & TMC/PBO 7th Board Meeting

Aug 29           Accreditation Visit of DLSUMC & MMC

Sep 11-12      Accreditation Visit of POC & UP-PGH/PBO 8th Board Meeting

Sep 18-19      MPL Meeting

Oct 2-4           Diplomate Examination Day

Oct 17            PBO 9th Board Meeting

Nov 18-21      65th POA Annual Convention


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