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POA Wins PCS Best Surgical Specialty Society Award

The Philippine College of Surgeons re- cognized POA as the best Surgical Spe- cialty Society in its maiden PCS Search for Outstanding Surgical Specialty Society. POA bested 11 other boarded surgical specialties under PCS. The award was formally announced on 06 December 2016 during the 72nd An- nual PCS Clinical Congress held at the Isla Ballroom of the EDSA Shangri-La Hotel. Dr. Jerd Siatan (2016 POA Trea- surer) and I (2016 POA President) had the privilege of receiving the award on behalf of POA. The award selection was based on the following 3 major criteria: 1) Con- tinuing Surgical/Medical Education including Surgical Research Activi- ties [50%]; 2) Socio Civic Activities/ Local Gov’t Programs Public Health Awareness including Surgical Medical Missions/ Outreach Programs [30%] and 3) Innovative Programs which includes pro- ject activities that enhances either national & International projects [20%]. This award is a testimony of the great achievements our associa- tion garnered for 2016. It took into account all the contributions, CME activities as well as the socio-civic activities undertaken by our individual Fellows, regional chapters, sub-specialty societies and the national office. This is also recognition of all the great work each of our Fellows has quietly contributed most of which are un- beknownst to many. On behalf of the POA 2016 National Board of Trustees, I thank each and every one of you for your invaluable contributions to POA. Without your individual work and efforts, this award would not have been possible. Let me take this opportunity as well to congratulate Dr. Jose “Brix” Pujalte, Jr. for winning a seat in the PCS Board of Regents for 2017. We are proud indeed to have him continue representing POA in PCS. Lastly, on behalf of POA, I would like to thank Dr. Gabriel Martinez (2016 PCS President), the 2016 PCS Board of Regents, Dr. Francisco Arcellana (2016 Chairman, PCS Committee on Awards) and the entire PCS family of surgical specialties for gi- ving POA the honour of being conferred the maiden PCS Best Specialty Society Award. May POA and PCS continue to strengthen the symbiotic bond that was forged by our highly esteemed and visionary forefathers. A bond that was instrumental in transforming both POA and PCS into an internationally recognized organiza- tion. A bond that is vital in ensuring continuous growth and advancement for both organizations which in turn will help POA meet the orthopaedic and surgical challenges of the future. CONGRATULATIONS TO US ALL AND MORE POWER TO POA!