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POA Outreach Program in CVMC

The Philippine Orthopedic Association observes its yearly foundation month in December. For 2016, the Board of Trus- tees found it meaningful to celebrate it by sponsoring an indigent patient in need of orthopedic surgery. It was Cagayan Valley Medical Center (CVMC) of northern Lu- zon that received the sponsorship. The patient was a 37 year old female from Alcala, suffering from a long-standing fun- gating breast mass. She started to have back pains six months prior to initial consulta- tion, which progressed to lower extremity weakness. Five days prior to admission, she was already unable to ambulate. On exami- nation at admission, motor grading of the lower extremity was 0/5 and sensory grade was one. After further work up, the service noted a mass in t5 to t7 vertebral bodies and conĀ¬sidered metastatic disease from the breast mass. Patient was advised corpecto- my, fusion using cage and pedicular screws but was not carried out because of financial constraints. The Philippine Orthopedic Association, thru Dra Julyn Aguilar, facilitated the pro- cedure by sponsoring the implants needed. Surgery was done last December 22, 2016 by the two department spine surgeons- Drs. Niccolo Mamba and Anthony Abogado. It was a time when most of us were already on Christmas vacation and government hospi- tal operating rooms were only available for emergency surgeries. Surgery was done with no untoward com- plications. The patient was very thankful on disĀ¬charged for the surgery and for the more tolerable pain. Unfortunately, patient was eventually lost to follow up. CVMC is the latest institution accredited by the Philippine Board of Orthopedics for orthopedic residency training program. It is now on its 2nd year with two first year and three 2nd year residents on training. Dr Angel A. Cayetano with nine consultant staff with specialization on Spine, Shoulder & Knee arthroscopy, Hip & Knee arthro- plasty, Foot & ankle, Ilizarov, and Tumor surgery, heads the Department of Ortho- pedics.